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The wish to live, to live differently from the way we are forced to live in our everyday existence, to discover different kinds of wishes, is one of the more elegant definitions of art that exists on the margins of politics. The Italian artist, writer and videographer Agnese Trocchi in the MaMa net.culture club, Zagreb, presented one of such possible alternative worlds to us. She acquainted us with the activities of the so-called autonomous group Candida TV. This audio-visual underground culture group modelled its programme along the lines of creative unveiling of the malignant manipulative power-holder: television.

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Interview avec les « Candida grrls » Agnese et Kry, vidéo-activistes di Elena Lanzoni per ADA, 2004 PDF Stampa E-mail

Interview avec les « Candida grrls » Agnese et Kry, vidéo-activistes

Dans les couloirs des Digitales, ADA a rencontré les filles de « Candida TV » qui nous ont expliqué comment elles utilisent l’informatique et le montage vidéo pour raconter en image.

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Agnese Trocchi was guest of the first panel. The italian artist, writer and videomaker is active since 1995 and in the interview she presented her already puplished work and especially CANDIDA TV. At least she gave a little statement about the other participants and their projects.

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Telestreet: squatting frequencies PDF Stampa E-mail

Merel Willemsen in conversation with Agnese Trocchi, co-founder of Candida TV, featured in Untitled Magazine, no. 37, Spring 2006

TA man, dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts, is watching television in his living room. Piled into a chair – your average TV consumer – he is flipping through the channels. The homogeneous offer of cartoons and commercials eventually drives him to yell at and spit on his television screen. Angrily he leaves his house and meets a small group of people outside. A title card, much like those used in the silent movies, explains: ‘We must make the television!’ Next we watch the group working with cables, transmitting equipment, antennas and a computer, setting up their own TV station. A paper airplane flying in through an open window informs the neighbours that channel 26 is now being used for broadcasts. In the end, we see two men sitting on a couch, watching themselves watching TV on TV.

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