Möglichkeitsraster / possibility grid – 23 Settembre 2011 – Graz

From the 23rd of Sept to the of 16th of Oct 2011 in Graz (AT) at ESC im LABOR (a place for art in technological contexts) there will be the exhibition Möglichkeitsraster / possibility grid in cooproduction with  steirischer herbst 2011 and cooperation with musikprotokoll 2011.

“Freedom exists in the moment, before a decision is taken. In the moment of the decision, the options are chosen and a series of consequences follows out of them; lines along which (a) history develops. (Alfred Andersch, Cherries of Freedom, 1952).
Out of the many possibilities, one is chosen – what happens with the rest? (Pascal Mercier, nighttrain to Lisboa, 2004).
And the possibilities that we perceive, depend on what we can recognize and therefore also acknowledge, and in consequence can feel empathy with. (Judith Butler, Frames of War, 2010).”

Agnese Trocchi, Rome, opens a window into TV-journalism-hell with her mixed-media-installation “Il sole è sempre quello.” (“The sun is always the same.”) 2010/2011


steirischerherbst 2011

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